Network Strategy
Whether you need a secured wireless network for your home or office, a VPN (virtual private network), or secure remote access to your network while you are on the road, we can help. By marrying your networking needs with
Phonetec Services, we will partner with you to determine your business needs for the coming years, offering recommended solutions for your network, or design a completely new one. We will work with you to:

Design a new network topology from scratch; or upgrade your current network topology
Plan for your network’s IT needs as your business grows
Select the most cost-effective and secure way to connect your business to the internet
Plan for the upgrade or replacement of hardware and software
Define a strategy for remote access to your network
Analyze which new technologies will help your business
Offer security solutions
Suggest backup solutions
Optimize cabling in your space
What is network topology and why is it important to your business? It’s the arrangement and relationship of each device and piece equipment and how it all connects and interacts within your network. A strategic network topology will optimize your network for your needs.

We help you secure information that you exchange. We also help you exchange information in the most efficient manner possible, optimizing your system for security and speed based on your usage needs.



Network Setup
Once a course of action is established for your network, you can rely on Phonetec Services to help you with the implementation on:

Server, Switch, Router workstation, and desktop setup
Existing system upgrades or replacements
Migration from one operating system to another, email platforms, security, or other software migration
Large or small scale desktop rollouts
Troubleshooting difficult problems
If your company is running on a network as most are, Phonetec Services will provide proactive ongoing support. Phonetec Services is a Remote Support Service Provider . We deliver remote support and monitoring, managed virus protection and information backup, and other services. We do the work for you so you don’t have to worry about maintenance or security.


Assistance Anywhere
Are you having Server/Switch problems? The fastest way to get it fixed is through remote support. With out Remote Support NOC we can give you the support you need.  Our remote Engineers will co-ordinate with our local technicians to console into your device and initiate configuration as well as advanced configuration, troubleshooting and repair. We can offer an estimate for the service, and then get started right away with the repair.

Get 24/7 IT Services and Business Network Support
Phonetec Services Remote Network Support will give you peace of mind. Stop worrying about data loss, viruses, network security, and even the day-to-day maintenance of your vital computer network. Find and fix issues before they affect your bottom line. Our Remote Network Support is deployable in the small-to-medium sized business, as a means to conduct intelligent offsite network support. In larger enterprises, our remote support works as additional support for existing IT staff.

Our remote support includes:

OpenVPN setup (Windows integrated, No recurring cost or any charge)
Windows VPN ( PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC) Supportable on Desktop, tablet, Mobile
Network Switch configuration (VLAN & Inter-VLAN)
Cisco Router Configuration
Mikrotik Router Configuration
Firewall setup and Policy configuration
Network Security Troubleshooting or existing network connectivity issue
Firmware Upgrade or Degrade

With an intermittent problem, we can try to recreate the scenario that typically causes an issue and see first-hand what’s happening. Sometimes, these types of problems are easier to uncover if the computer is in the environment in which you use it. With remote support, we can do:

Software Install
System Configuration
Find and remove malware
Isolate and remove viruses
Change settings preferences
Troubleshoot email or browsing issues (given that you’re still able to connect to the internet)
Create a backup of your files and apps
Evaluate your system


Hardware Failure
There are many issues that must be resolved in person, such as hardware failure. If your computer won’t turn on or load its operating system, then an in-person evaluation will be needed.