Applications/C++,JAVA, Python


Application Testing
We Will Have 12 Users For Your Website Or App Testing And Suggest Improvements.
Professional web Developers with many years experience (especially on various Frameworks) and that time I tested a variety of different websites and apps.
We will test your website as if a new visitor.
We will check your website with up to 6/12/18 different sub pages on 12 different devices and browsers.
We will test your website or Mobile app and return to you a constructive recompose and suggestions for improvement within 30 hours.
We will do cover some points of following aspects:
Functionality Testing
We can provide you:
Overall experience report
Honest rating for each part
Screenshot & Screen record
Immediately reporting about crash or bugs
Some great suggestion for improvement.
Fast Delivery



Application Design & Development
We are a dedicated team of developers and graphic designers with a successful track record of creating high quality iOS apps, Android apps, websites with a back-end CMS. Choose one things, or all three! Because we have the ability to create on all these platforms, you can ensure your products will be integrated seamlessly.
We have created a variety of apps and websites including e-commerce, chat, social, business, dating, banking etc.
We offer:
30-90 days customer support (post app development)
Weekly updates about progress of work for your project
If you have some custom requirements for mobile app development, please drop message; we will guide you for the development plan and pricing.
If your application has really complex and advanced features, we may need to discuss your idea on Skype or Hangout call and then we will send you custom offer.

Work Experience:
We carry many years of quality experience in developing iOS SDK and Android Apps and expertise with .PHP and MySQL as back-end based web applications development as well. We have excellent expertise with Geo-tagging, and mapping in mobile apps and good communication skills.
Also we work on with All types of opensource application customisation:

Voip Services

PBX Services


CRm/ ERp / Hr application

VPN Servers

Media Server, etc..

Our approach toward work:
1. Understanding and developing project as per the client's requirement within a given deadline.
2. Writing well documented code that is easy to understand and maintain in future.
3. Meetings deadlines effectively.
4. We specialized in Open Source & SCM solutions, such as Git, Subversion, Mercurial and Atlassian's JIRA, Confluence and Stash and have worked in a Test-Driven Development (TDD) environment.
With strong communication and designing capability, I would welcome the opportunity of any interview and look forward to hear your valuable comments and build a long business relations.





C++, JAVA &Python Programming
We have expert Software Engineers with vast experience in Python,lua,Java,C ,C++ and C# programming.
we can help you with:
Data Structures
Data Bases
Unity 3D Game Development
Python projects
Object Oriented Programming
Data Scraping/Mining
Data Entry
Executable File
Commented Code
Complete Documentation
Project Report
we can help you to fix bugs as well.
we can also help you in networking related areas like
TCP programming
UDP programming

Here's what you can get:
You'll be able to modify the code. We comment and document it so that its easy to understand and modifiable by other programmers too.
You'll get 100% working custom coded software for you. There'll be no copy pasted material from internet because plagiarism free work is our top priority.
We can work on any platform and provide project files of any IDE like netbeans, Pycharm, IDLE ,Eclipse,Visual studio etc.