POS Installation

Modern POS Installation:
The most distinguishing feature of the best new POS installations is that they are part of a cloud-based network and are largely paid for on a software as a service (SaaS) basis. This enables the system to have nearly unlimited access to data. Individual workstations are securely connected to the network wirelessly and they can be mobile devices, credit card readers, as well as fixed terminals. Cloud-based POS systems usually include unlimited data storage which means there will be no need for hard drives and in-house backup systems.

Businesses need a POS system that operates through power outages. The business has to avoid paying exorbitant payment processing fees as well. The best POS systems have evolved into full-fledged business POS management systems that have the capacity to track inventory, log employee hours, manage customer relations (like promotions), and much more.

The POS installation can be very simple. The basic idea starts with a PC or tablet with needed printers, bar code scanners, and a computer activated cash drawer. The receipt printer can be a small thermal printer capable of printing on narrow thermal paper rolls (although some merchants prefer normal printers to print receipts on letter-sized paper). The automatic cash drawer opens to withdraw money or put receipts into it at appropriate times in the transactions. Cash drawers are normally connected to the back of a receipt printer with a special cable. The bar code scanner will allow you to use the universal bar codes for keeping track and reporting to customers what was purchased. These connect with a USB connector or some other connector to the computer itself and use software installed in the computer.

More elaborate POS installations work through secure internet connections which address important database systems online and connect with other equipment through the internet of things, without need of wired connections.




POS Management:
The basic POS system may be just hardware, just a tablet, cash drawer, credit card scanner, and receipt printer. A company may require a bar code reader, extra printers, digital scales, and extra tablets for order takers or servers throughout the floor. Sometimes a larger retail store may want a self-serve kiosk system.

Today’s lightweight, cloud-based POS systems come with significantly less hardware cost than the older on-premises systems. Most modern systems use a slim touchscreen register (an iPad or Android tablet) and operate on a SaaS basis. There are no expensive software licenses to buy and renew, no bulky PC computers.

POS Installation is step one, however POS management is critical to ensuring your retail operations do not fail or falter.

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