Hardware Installation Services


Phonetec Service’s dedicated technicians provide superior solutions for small businesses that alleviate the need for a team of full-time onsite IT professionals. As one of the best in online remote support services and IT hardware installation, Phonetec Services is gaining recognition nation-wide as a great resource to provide secure, IT hardware installation services; to help keep your business moving. Offering remote support as well as traditional in-office visits, we are one of the fasting growing companies in the IT remote support, software and hardware installation industry for a variety of reasons. Our trained technicians will ask what you’re having trouble with before taking action to ensure your business’s needs are met. Based on your current configuration and looking ahead to plan for your company’s growth, our knowledgeable techs are available for consultations and can point you in the right direction.


Server/Router Installation Services
Switch Installation, Access Point Installation
Reliable Router Installation & Solutions,
Firewall Installation and Outsourced IT Support
Small businesses can take advantage of:
Experienced and qualified technicians
Techs are dispatched promptly to your business
Wireless router and firewall configuration
Reliable data back up and storage solutions
Troubleshooting network and router issues, remotely or onsite
Technical support 24/7
Phonetec Service can get your computers, networks, servers and peripherals functioning smoothly


Point Of Sale (POS)

Low Voltage Cabling

Home Entertainment





Our Skilled Technicians Can Assist You With:

Virus scans and malware removal Defragmenting and cleaning up hard drives Upgrading operating systems Installing software on PCs, desktops and Macs® Addressing printer and scanner issues. Your business relies on your technology’s ability to compete in today’s economic environment. Phonetec Services takes the drudgery, expense and lengthy repair wait times out of your business plan. Cut to the chase and cut your down time to a minimum for a much more reasonable cost than other major service providers. Get back up and running fast, with scalable technology solutions that grow with your brand. Contact Phonetec Services for convenient, home and business solutions.

From data center to end-user solutions, leverage Phonetec Service’s professional IT services to ensure your complex server, storage, network, database, and application projects are designed and deployed to meet your overall IT performance objectives. The world changes fast — and it’s hard to stay on top of it all. We’ll keep you informed about those technology developments that relate to your business, and if you like, help advise you whether they’re worth all the hype.



VOIP Telecom

Web Development

Firewall Installation


Web & Graphic Design, Software, App Design & Development

Phonetec Services provides software development expertise for organizations in need of custom desktop, server, and mobile solutions. Our software life-cycle expertise extends across various platforms, databases, and cloud services.

Phonetec Service's desktop, server, and web based solutions span multiple technologies, such as Java, Microsoft.NET, XML, Oracle, SQL Server, and Service Oriented Architectures. Our engineers have many years of experience interfacing with existing systems, implementing custom solutions, and enhancing software processes.

Mobile apps provide endless possibilities for your target audiences to find exactly what they are looking for. Apps helps grow your business and go head-to-head with any competitor. A mobile app is a must in today’s marketplace, and we make it fast, easy, and affordable.

  • We can deliver Enterprise solutions for banks and large mortgage corporations

  • We can deliver Android and iOS solutions for small business requirements for internal efficiency gains as well as consumer facing products

  • For less complex mobile apps, we can deliver HTML5 cross platform apps to save time and reduce cost of targeting multiple platforms